Rising Health Care Costs – Using Technology to Fight Back

The promise of the twenty first century technological revolution become to assist make personnel greater productive and mobile. As a result, contemporary technology of personnel is the maximum technically state-of-the-art ever. Mobile email devices, excessive-speed broadband, computer computers, and a bunch of different improvements have truly helped make today’s technically-savvy personnel more effective. But there was an unintended result: these ‘constantly-on’ personnel are becoming less energetic. Obesity prices in America have extended 43.8% in less than one decade and sixty seven% (200M) of all Americans are actually taken into consideration obese or overweight (CDC – Center for Disease Control – 2004). As a end result, corporations are continuing to fight rising health care fees for a group of workers this is getting much less and much less wholesome.

However, a few corporations are beginning to develop a brand new strategy primarily based on the antique adage of “fighting hearth with fireplace”. These groups are actually starting to apply generation to fight again in opposition to the developing bodily state of no activity of their personnel. One such employer is Kensington Electronics, a leading distributor of connector answers for the electronics industry. While searching out methods to reduce their healthcare charges, they discovered a employer known as demandFITNESS which makes use of video, evaluation, and monitoring technology to create a ‘virtual gym’ that can supply fitness lessons immediately to employees the use of the Internet.

“We were searching out a way to allow our personnel to obtain a healthier way of life a good way to reduce our lengthy-term healthcare costs,” said Patrick Rabbitt, CEO Kensington Electronics. “The demandFITNESS technique of utilizing technology to get personnel fit regarded like a great answer.”

In the demandFITNESS application, Kensington Electronics personnel begin by way of taking an internet fitness risk assessment this is used to show them exactly what their fitness dangers are at the same time as additionally suggesting behavioral adjustments on the way to improve their outlook. Employees then are able to view or download any of over 2 hundred health videos ranging from conventional training consisting of aerobics and Pilates to distinctiveness instructions such as heavyweight yoga or senior fitness. By making those lessons to be had on a 7×24 basis, the typical excuse of “I do not have time to exercising” is without problems prevented. Online equipment which includes health and goal trackers are then used to expose the employees their development.

In reality, there are new waves of organizations who are using generation to breathe new lifestyles into static company wellbeing applications. Even extra mounted groups consisting of Weight Watchers are jumping into the technology sport. The Weight Watchers method now makes use of on line communities, tracking tools, and interactive vitamins advice to help augment their well-known meeting-based method to dropping weight. Health care costs have expanded 87% since 2000 (source: Deloitte Consulting Health Care Surveys 1999-2006) so it is no wonder that solution carriers are striving to expand progressive solutions to address this growing trouble.

The numbers are brilliant. In addition to the two hundred million Americans taken into consideration overweight or overweight, the CDC also reviews that a hundred and twenty million Americans have continual pressure, 75 million have diabetes, seventy two million have coronary heart ailment, and sixty five million have high blood pressure.

“Problems along with diabetes, strokes, and high blood pressure because of bodily inactiveness are growing at an alarming price, putting undue stress on modern company fitness care budgets,” stated Joanne Blackerby, owner of Spirit Fitness, a enterprise imparting personal and institution fitness programs. “Employers are starting to fight back by way of adopting solutions that appeal to latest iPod generation.”

By using technology, solution companies are hoping that increasing numbers of employees will find approaches to get transferring. If a hit, those companies will no longer simplest assist employers retain their war towards growing heath care fees, they will in truth redefine the definition of company health systems.

The creator, Mike Salas, works as an impartial consultant inside the fitness and fitness industry. He advises agencies, businesses, and individuals on strategies and methods to improve their typical fitness and health.

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