The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring

Introduction to the Dual Six Principles of Care

You have arms. One hand to help your self, and the second one hand is to assist others. ~Unknown

When we place our arms collectively, we stability the outward glide of energy, giving care to others with the internal waft power, of self-care.

Keeping our hands near our heart and mind, we balance the energies of our thoughts and spirit, at the same time as protecting our bodies.

We can provide more secure, extra constantly loving care, at the same time. I invite you to be with every chapter to learn and exercise the gems of self-care, along with the caregiving hints.

Nursing, especially my hospice enjoy, has taught me that being before doing helps me to have more of what I want in my existence.

BEing, Before DOing, Helps me to HAVE more of what I need in existence.

When we deal with ourselves with respect, as a caregiver, we all gain from most beneficial care.

This is the “How To” of forming a relaxed and rewarding caregiver-purchaser attachment. I developed a caregiving approach that bridges the great of analytic and relational psychology with the each-day bodily wishes of clients and families in exercise.

The artwork of caregiving reaches deeper than properly communications idea, into the nitty-gritty of emotional release, safety and connection.

Six dual Principles of self-care and caregiving:


DISCIP-line and the that means of your Right Hand

The standards that manual the subject of nursing are held inside the proper hand. The bottom line thinking to offer this field, constantly, may be spelled out to help recall them. These bottom line standards of DISCIPline may be applied to any scenario and may be easily remembered. The final 4 letters of discipline relaxation upon the proper wrist and the “DISCIP” inside the palm and on every digit of the right hand represent the six standards of caregiving; dignity, independence, safety, communication, infection control, and privacy.

See the photo of right hand and the video hyperlink under or visit creator’s website.

Dignity is held within the palm of the right hand. Respect is the middle of all caregiving.

Independence is represented with a thumbs-up for what you’re able to do for yourself.

The pointer finger represents protection, much like when your teacher or mama may also have shaken that finger in your face; it turned into a way to caution you and preserve you safe.

The center finger represents a very precise communication in a few cultures. In this example, it stands for and represents all communique.

The ring finger represents infection control. I experienced, firsthand, many a hangnail that was painful infections.

Last and now not least, the pinky finger represents the need to provide a touch privacy.

Peace and the that means of your Left Hand

Your left palm holds peace and being FIT.

The left pointer finger represents gifting it slow, interest, power, questioning and being FREE of litter, bodily and mental.

The center finger represents FAMILY, within the middle of the left hand.

The ring finger holds the important thing to our FINANCES.

The pinkie finger holds and represents the FUTURE.

By taking tiny steps each day we can attain our bigger dreams extra without problems.

In my enjoy, a effective intellectual mind-set will convey fulfillment whenever. Freedom from fear could be very freeing and feasible. Being present to the fact of the moment allows to shift faraway from the monkey thoughts of misery. Being in the second, lets in us as a way to take action and separates us from the paralysis of the terrible thinking. Negative questioning examples are what-if and if-only.

An open mind on all topics and toward anybody is really worth striving for. This self-discipline of openness will permit us to grow the understanding of know-how people, at the same time as being engaged inside the exertions of love, caregiving.

Often we want to take time to mirror, comprehend and keep in mind the strengths we must offer. The willingness to proportion these benefits with others will best guide our moves and construct our religion. This faith will grow our wish of future fulfillment and provide economic security.

Your caregiving can develop most effective as a good deal as you do.

If you need to trade your effects, you need to alternate your questioning and moves. According to T. Harv Eker, our mind result in emotions, feelings lead to movement, motion results in results.


Results equal Health, Wealth and Weight

We stay in a world of motive and impact, that’s tempered through what we have seen, heard and skilled.

Emotions almost usually win over logical thoughts and movements. With cognizance, information, and choice we can select, as typically as it takes to effectively alternate conduct.

If your motivation for caregiving comes from worry, anger or desiring to prove your self, your caregiving will now not convey you happiness.

Are you equipped to pick out a new model of caring?

Try the subsequent sports. Remember a challenging caregiving incident, and write it down. Do you see how you have got a desire now? Release and create new being concerned reports.

There are not any satisfied victims.

Complaining brings greater to bitch approximately.

Practice optimism.

With your hand on your heart, say out loud, with fantastic energy and zest, those statements:

I create my own degree of happiness.

I attention on being responsible for my own happiness. I am an remarkable caregiver.

I consciousness on possibilities as opposed to boundaries.

I recognize other a hit caregivers.

What is your willingness to alternate?

Are you willing to develop bigger than your issues?

Be organized to be an tremendous receiver and also you becomes an wonderful giver.

Do not restrict your love.

Focus at the consequences. You can offer tremendous care to others AND care well for yourself.

Thoughts are seeds.

Actions join the internal thoughts to the outer consequences.

Caregiving turns into easier when you are inclined to do what’s difficult.

When you’re uncomfortable, you are developing.

¨Four nice T. Harv Eker costs to publish as reminders:

“How you do whatever is how you do everything.”

“Where attention goes, energy flows and consequences display.”

“You can select to think in ways so one can guide your happiness and achievement, instead of methods that do not.”

“Training and managing your personal mind is the maximum critical ability you can ever personal, in terms of each happiness and achievement.”

The heart of caregiving is a mixture of greatest self-care and the critical field of nursing. The area of nursing includes being concerned in a loving and expert manner.

To harness our wholesome being concerned we will provide regular, powerful care to our loved ones. We benefit, greatly, by way of discovering the balance and recognition of imparting most suitable self-care.

Are You Ready To Grow?

We need to deal with ourselves with dignity by using supplying for our personal fitness, earlier than we are capable of provide care with dignity for our cherished ones. To be properly balanced and focused in existence, self-care needs to be balanced with caregiving. Both self-care and caregiving, with recognition, need to be practiced constantly.

To give ideal care to our cherished ones, all six dual concepts of self-care and caregiving want to be practiced, regularly. The greater you exercise, the more professional you end up.

Each chapter includes dual ideas of self-care and the replicate moves for caregiving.

Chapter 1 specializes in the primary dual principle of being FIT for our personal self-care and caregiving with DIGNITY. By focusing on our very own thoughts, spirit and body needs we are more conscious and capable of help the thoughts, spirit and frame desires of the man or woman we are worrying for.

Having a system in region for this most efficient self-care will store many a headache and heartache.

See the Tips at the stop of every chapter for a validated achievement gadget. What works for one caregiver may not work for every other. What works at one time in our lives might not work in over again.

Chapter 1 will start to proportion the secrets of a hit self-care and caregiving. To be FIT we want to balance all three parts of ourselves; body, spirit and thoughts. Our frame, spirit and mind every want three matters; fuel, exercising and rest. When our thinking is accurate our fulfillment and happiness are close by.

When we’re in stability, our attention and caring are extra effortlessly maintained.

Start Your Day (or end your day)

Two thumbs up for remembering to have a laugh and spend 15 minutes writing, or sufficient time to fill three pages, and solution the subsequent questions:

What Am I Grateful For?

What Do I Appreciate About Myself?

What Do I Appreciate, About My Life?

What is my Focus for Today?

How May I Remain Balanced?

How Can I Be of Service?

Left Hand: You, absolutely, hold peace within the palm of your hand exercise.

Whenever you’re pressured, honestly breath-in peace, together with your left quit your heart and breath out strain. Repeat this numerous instances and you may discover a moment of peace that you can go back to at any time or region. Close your eyes, if this lets you cognizance inner for a moment. Remember to make choices that feed your spirit.


Our caregiving spirits may be fueled through unique quiet or creative time. Often this refueling time is represented by creative area and meditative time. Meditative time may be sincerely inhaling and out with attentive presence. For a few caregivers this refueling is being in nature and for other caregivers, it is daydreaming. Expression of our spirit via the art of creating matters with our arms may be very pleasant. Reading something inspirational; like a tale, a poem, a quote, or other inspirational guide, gives exercising for the spirit.

Inspiration may additionally come from taking note of tune, watching a video or movie, praying, giving to others and truely being in network.

Sometimes, clearly being aware about any other man or woman’s perspective may be uplifting. Resting our spirit via letting move, to a extra supply, is wholesome. In other phrases, reputation may be a balm for the heart and soul. Spirit can be refilled in lots of approaches; meditation, yoga, tune, prayer, poetry, and nature are only some examples.

In my very own enjoy, our proper hand brings us in the direction of our Godliness by way of serving others. Our left hand offers us energy to face each day, by means of grounding us with our own wishes met.

Below are the phrases to Debbie Friedmont’s tune, called The Angel’s Blessing. These phrases constitute some of the ideas from The Heart of Caregiving.

“May our proper hand carry us towards our Godliness. May our left hand supply us energy to face every day. And earlier than us may our visions light our paths beforehand. And at the back of us may additionally nicely-being heal our manner. All around us is Schechinah. May Michael be at my proper hand, Gabriel at my left. Before me Uriel, behind me Raphael and above my head the divine Presence.”

Schechinah is the Hebrew that means for the presence of God or ‘she who dwells within’. Angel Michael is called the commander of God’s military, a person of authority; a person who can suppose and do. Gabriel is God’s messenger & has a horn for judgment day. Gabriel is at my left to assess if I am balanced and targeted with my self-care. Uriel includes a light in his palm or flaming sword to light the way, representing our attention. Raphael incorporates a trumpet and represents restoration.

“I have had the honor of operating with Sonia at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. She is the maximum expert, very compassionate and respectful of all sufferers and their families, as well as her coworkers. My husband and I had the blessing of her assistance during my mother-in-law’s contamination and passing – we could not have survived with out Sonia’s help. Sonia has always answered enthusiastically to my calls for volunteers to work within the network. Evaluations from folks who participated always cherished her know-how and exuberance. She is a blessing and joy to work with.” ~Marta Martinez Fife.

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