Barbecue Secrets – What Type of Fuel Should I Use?

Before I speak the various forms of wood which are to be had to your smoker, I need to talk to you a chunk approximately your charcoal. There are two kinds of charcoal available for commercial use: Briquettes and Lump. Briquettes are those made famous by using a organisation whose call begins with a “K” and in all likelihood those most of us grew up looking our fathers use. These are made with herbal charcoal and pressed together the use of chemical substances and fillers into a nice handy pillow form. Actually they had been invented by using Henry Ford! Don’t use them please. They contain stuff you don’t actually need on your food. If you insist on the usage of the charcoal briquette, search for those that are 100% natural, which do not contain those additives.

I decide on herbal lump charcoal and that is my advice. Lump charcoal is nothing greater than natural pieces of burned timber. It burns cleanser and warmer than briquettes and I believe the flavor is higher. I understand loads of barbeque champions use the briquettes, but lump is clearly a superior product. Whichever form of coal you operate, DO NOT use lighter fluid to start your fire! Use a charcoal chimney or propane torch. Lighter fluid will make your meals taste like lighter fluid, which I bet is OK if you want that kind of thing!

Now on to wood. There are many varieties of wooden which might be famous for smoking, the maximum not unusual in all likelihood being hickory. My private favorites are cherry, pecan, apple and hickory. Depending on where you stay and what woods you’ve got get admission to to, there also are maple, pear, peach, and grapevine. There are more than one woods that I might stay away from. Mesquite may be very popular for grilling steaks but it’s far very robust and because of this, does no longer lend itself to a long sluggish smoking procedure. Walnut is also a completely robust timber and in case you plan to apply it, you ought to probable best use a small quantity and mix it with a lighter wood like pecan.

The pleasant all round smoking woods are okayand apple due to the fact they work well with pork, poultry, pork and seafood. They are also without problems to be had pretty a lot anywhere.

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