How To Cure Salmon Without The BBQ Smoker

Before firing up the BBQ smoker, many chefs will both cure or brine the fish or meat.

Curing and brining however were conventional methods of keeping meals for centuries and in contemporary refrigerated society in preference to turning into out of date they have got advanced into strategies of flavouring meals too. In essence exactly how the BBQ Smoker has developed.

My studies into curing began when I started writing for Smoker Grill Recipes and as my studies developed, so did my interest.

The science at the back of curing is that the salt slowly sucks the moisture out of the food, effectively appearing as a desiccant and drying it out. Bacteria that commonly could grow at the food are not able to do so due to the fact the substrate does not include the only important ingredient to assist it continue to exist – water.

So in essence the longer some thing is left to treatment, the less susceptible it’s far to bacteria and consequently the more secure it is to eat. This is the principle for cured ham or indeed any dried meat.

The curing system today is essentially approximately salt for the desiccant and sugar for the flavouring. In the recipe beneath I’ve used treacle as a sugar replacement – you could additionally use molasses.

This recipe is a terrific tasty alternative to smoked salmon and it is also truly clean to do, certainly no want for a smoker. All it truly is wanted is a polythene bag, a few salt, some treacle and a chunk of time. It takes about per week to remedy so I want to start off one Saturday in order that it is equipped for the next weekend.


1 big salmon filet (skinned)

4 tablespoons treacle or molasses

1 tablespoon salt


Place the salmon in the polythene bag and tip within the salt and treacle / molasses. Seal the bag and give the components a very good “mulch” around to ensure that the salmon is protected in the salt / treacle blend. Place the mixture within the fridge and go away for a week.

When the week is up, cast off the salmon from the bag and deliver it a rinse under the faucet. Slap it on a board and slice without a doubt thinly.

I like to serve it spiralled inside canapé cases with a bit crème fraiche – scrumptious. It without a doubt makes for a incredible outside fish fry grill menu idea.

But do not anticipate a barbeque, if it’s raining outside that what better manner to spend a Saturday afternoon than preparing a treacle cured salmon for subsequent weekend.

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