Lucille’s BBQ in Lake Forest, CA- Your Average Overpriced Fun Spot

Lucille’s BBQ in Lake Forest, California is a part of a sequence in several counties. We have been going to have fun our son’s 23rd birthday. He’s in a fraternity and we had been having a own family birthday celebration for both he and our daughter later inside the week. So he determined it was a pay-your-very own-way evening. There wound up being 18 humans.

The restaurant would not take reservations, so my son and his girlfriend decided to head down and installed his call at five:45 and informed every body to be there at 6:30. It turned into a Tuesday, so we did not truely assume the wait might be even that lengthy. Were we ever wrong!

We had been eventually seated at eight:30. By then we had all determined exactly what we were having-most of our extended family had both paintings or training to wait early the next morning. It took the wait group of workers any other 10 minutes to take our orders.

My husband and I had been purchasing the birthday boy, his lady friend, our daughter and son-in-law and ourselves. The four more youthful people all ordered some sort of BBQ meat sandwich. My husband and I were going to cut up a rack of pork ribs, but were told that the rack had 7 ribs-about 1/2 of what’s served at every other BBQ chain (Claim Jumpers) and for about a 3rd extra in charge. So my husband chose a one-of-a-kind platter for us to proportion. It was $2 extra, but he figured they’d be generous with the chook (it also had tritip and a couple of beef ribs). We ordered it with their slaw and shoestring potatoes.

The meals turned into tasty, I’ll deliver it that. The chook was juicy, the ribs have been a chunk too candy for both of our liking, but have been meaty and the tritip become okay. Really not anything special. The slaw turned into (for an entire exchange from most eating places!) almost absolutely bereft of dressing. The shoestring fries were tasty as nicely, however we notion they may had been sitting round some time-as they have been as an alternative limp.

We had been ravenous! Especially when you consider that we hadn’t eaten considering approximately midday. Quite sincerely in contrast with the taste and nice of Claim Jumpers, we have been dissatisfied. My husband and I always share a meal there and nevertheless come domestic with “a little more”.

Most of my son’s pals enjoyed themselves-most have been ordering beer or different alcoholic liquids and have been just having amusing being with every other-which is the point to having a party!

For a celebration of this length, the wait team of workers did a pretty first rate activity. They maintain the refillable drink glasses full, most effective tousled 2 orders and were friendly. They delivered our son a birthday sundae at the quit and led us inside the standard song.

When our bill got here it changed into $ninety five, that did encompass tax and tip. Now before you think that does not sound too bad take into account a couple of factors: We had 5 meals (recall, hubby and I cut up) and we all had not anything however water to drink.

I suppose one of my son’s buddies stated it excellent at some point of our as a substitute prolonged time earlier than we sat down, “Hey Adam, there’s a Fuddrucker’s across the road, I referred to as and they will set up a desk now and it will price us 1/2 the quantity!

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