The Lang Model 60 BBQ Smoker

At the time we wrote “Competition BBQ Secrets”, we had been using the Lang Model 60 completely. So all of the tips inside the ebook will work on this fish fry smoker in addition to all others. The Lang Model 60 is a completely quality smoker. If you don’t mind the little little bit of more paintings worried in jogging a conventional, timber burning, offset barbecue smoker, then the Lang smoker is the manner to move. Some human beings will simplest cook on conventional fashion offset people who smoke, so smokers that run on propane or pellets like the Traeger pellet smokers are out of the question. Hard middle, fish fry to the bone, traditional BBQers will usually cook on an offset smoker due to the fact they could use all herbal wood which produces the exceptional smoke taste. A lot of the first-rate barbecue groups do use pellet smokers and a number of them even use charcoal, so I bet it’s miles an issue with the intention to by no means be settled.

The Lang Model 60 barbeque smoker is particular in that it has a metal plate that runs just above the firebox starting all of the way to the other give up of the smoker. At the alternative stop, there is a two inch commencing the complete width of the barbeque smoker. So the heat and smoke travels below the metal plate, to the other cease, up and over the beef, and then out the smoke stack that is on the same facet of the smoker because the firebox. This accomplishes two things…

1) The smoke is shipped more lightly all through the cooking chamber.

2) The warmth is also dispensed more calmly therefore disposing of those difficult hot and bloodless spots located in a greater conventional offset barbeque smoker which does no longer have the plate (the smoke and heat would simply tour from the firebox without delay into the cooking chamber after which out the smoke stack which is on the other facet of the barbeque smoker).

Here’s a few factors to take into account…

* The metal plate heats up and for that reason affords a more even heat supply below the meat.

* There is a lip at the alternative end of the metal plate so you can close off the drain valve and fill the plate with water and you’ve got were given your self a big water pan. This truely produces some satisfactory and soft fish fry.

* The give up of the plate near the firebox and the plate aspects are welded absolutely shut to the facet of the cooking chamber.

* There is a drain valve that runs from the metallic plate via the bottom of the tank.

* Usually, no water or dripping ever get into the lowest of the tank.

* Drippings from your meat will vaporize on the metallic plate (when you have no longer crammed it with water) for that reason producing a moist cooking environment to your barbecue smoker.

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