3 Little Known Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Web Site

Traffic building is probably the most important thing that any website owner can do with their time. The golden rule is to spend 20% on building and growing your website and 80% on building and growing the traffic to your website. This is where many marketers fail dismally as they spend all their time building websites and not nearly enough time on getting traffic to their websites. To get free traffic to your web site does require some work and some of the free traffic strategies are quite time consuming, but the results are usually well worth it.

With more than 29 billion websites on the internet, competition for people’s attention can be quite fierce. Building a good website simply isn’t enough to get people to it. Many ‘lazy’ marketers resort to buying traffic, but without a decent budget to absorb your losses this simply isn’t a good long term solution for most of us. Fortunately, the best traffic is the traffic that money cannot buy. To get free traffic to your site is the best way to promote your services and products as free traffic is just so much more credible.

Here are 3 little known strategies to get free traffic to your web site:

  1. Squidoo

Squidoo.com is an exciting new Web 2.0 endeavor masterminded by marketing guru Seth Godin. In recent years many Blog-type websites sprang up everywhere and some became hugely popular. Squidoo is different though, as the whole image and branding is best summed up by the word ‘cool’. Contrary to many other Web 2 platforms, Squidoo encourages marketers to use their Lenses (like a Blog) for marketing purposes. Squidoo is one of the fastest growing Web 2 communities and the best part is that Google absolutely loves Squidoo. You can start your very own Lens for free and the best way to use Squidoo is to keep your Lens very tightly focused and to make it interesting – don’t get too serious and avoid the conventional ‘sales talk’. Make sure you update your lens once a week and before long you will get free traffic to your web site from Squidoo.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist.com is a great example of someone (presumably Craig) whose ‘backyard’ project that exploded. For some reason this classified website exploded in popularity and it is now one of the most beloved websites amongst the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN. A listing on Craigslist will be indexed on these three search engines in as little as 12 hours! Using Craigslist to get free traffic to your web site can be a little tricky though as Craigslist is primarily a classified web site. They put the whole ‘spam’ issue in the hands of their readers. If someone reads your ad which is a blatant marketing effort, they will flag your post and it will then get removed. To use Craigslist effectively as a traffic source, you have to write your ads as a classified ad. It works best for promoting services or ‘area based’ products as this justifies a link back to your web site. Never ‘sell’ directly with affiliate links!

  1. Blog Comments

Although this is not the most groundbreaking ideas, it is incredibly effective. Blogs have become a big thing and in any niche there are usually three or four very popular blogs. These popular blogs get a lot of interested eyes every single day and the best part is that people don’t just read the posts – they also read the comments. By simply posting comments on these very popular blogs you can virtually have a very popular blog – although it’s not yours. The way to best use this method is to head over to Blogger.com and search for Blogs in your niche. Take note of the Page Rank (PR) and take special note of any PR over 5. This is a good indication of its popularity. Also check whether the posts receive comments and how frequently posts are made. If it looks popular – subscribe to it and opt in to be notified via email as soon as a post is made.

The key here is to provide quality comments that can really help the readers. Since you have a link back to your website underneath your comments, a useful and insightful comment will most certainly compel the readers to check out this great new website they don’t know about. Try to stimulate a conversation around the post and get your comments in as soon as posts are made – the sooner you comment the more eyeballs you get over your back link as most subscribers will check out the post upon the email notification.

These are just three ways to get free traffic to your web site. There are many more, some even more effective, but the key is in actually doing it. Traffic is something you ‘build’ and not something you ‘get’.

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