Free Traffic and Your Online Presence

Traffic from search engines is considered to be the best unique traffic your website can receive. This type of traffic is unique in the following ways: search traffic originates from a voluntary, audience-driven search, and search engine traffic results from a fixed inventory of searches. Therefore, traffic generated by search is a non-intrusive method of Internet marketing.

Search traffic creates the online business and web traffic you want. You can watch your website climb in the search engine rankings through many popular website tracking software. Traffic from search engines is the best free way to position your business to target ideal sales leads and customers.

Traffic from search engines is more targeted and receptive to your products and services provided you have done your job with keyword choice and optimization strategies. You can target a general high traffic keyword you have little chance of ranking well for and get barely any traffic. Or you can shoot for a keyword that gets a moderate level of targeted traffic resulting in more subscribers and sales.

Search engine traffic can be inexpensive and free through natural rankings (keyword optimization) linking to other sites, URL submission or through the use of articles. Your traffic can be naturally monetized with strategies like Google AdSense or Yahoo Publishing Network. Link brokering, PPC and traditional advertising are paid ways to increase your search traffic but free ways are better. Using paid or free strategies will help you increase search traffic.

A note on URL submissions, many webmasters find it beneficial to do this manually rather than using a service because you can be indexed faster and they know who they are linking to. However, submitting your site consistently and properly will drive traffic to you.

Since search engines also read text links, it is good practice to place text links to all of your most important pages. Place your URL at the bottom of every page, forum comment or blog comment you make. That is another important reason why you should place keywords in your URL or domain name and it is free.

There is actually an entire consulting industry based on tweaking Web pages to get any URL to the top of search-engine results in the hope of capturing more traffic. However, your initial cost to optimize your web site for the search engines can be higher than the cost of a short-term PPC campaign. You are strengthening your web site for improved performance for the long-term: in effect you will own the source of traffic that you are building, because it is drawn to your site as a direct result of your content.

Remember, search engines want a frequently updated web site or page with good information, and that also has a solid, navigable directory structure with meaningful URLs. That is why blogs are loved by the search engines.

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