5 Princess Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Birthday parties for kids are getting more convoluted day by day and sometimes a simple theme is not pleasing enough for a kids’ birthday. Every parent wants to celebrate this day in a very creative, special and organized format. If you are thinking of doing something innovative for your little girl’s upcoming birthday, one great idea would be to implement an exciting princess birthday theme. Here I will share some creative princess birthday ideas with you.

  1. Princess Theme – A Fantasy Your Princess will Love!

Every little girl wants to be a princess and by creating a princess birthday theme you can make her dream come true. You can select royal colors for the princess theme like purple, pink, gold or silver. According to the color theme, decorate the area with balloons, streamers, glitters and flags. To give a royal touch to the party you can create a princess castle with a large appliance box and decorate with glitters, markers and crayons. Princess castle will not only provide a great party decoration but it will also serve as a tool of entertainment for your little princess and her friends.

  1. Cinderella Theme – Every Little Girl’s Dream

Cinderella birthday theme with games, supplies crafts and decorations will really create a great magic in the event. For Cinderella theme you can pick majestic colors like pink, lavender, light blue and white. Then according to the color theme decorate the area with pink, silver and blue sequins and plenty of balloons and streamers. Set the table with matching plates, napkins, candies and frosted cupcakes and also create a fancy palace for your little cute princess.

  1. Fairy Theme – Creating the Magical World of Fairies

Fairy theme is another classic princess birthday theme idea. Arrange a birthday parties in an enchanted fairy garden to give a fascinating look. Decorate the enchanted garden with glittery fairy wings, flower headbands and sprinkle some glitter to give the illusion of fairy dust. Use mushroom toadstools, flower vase glasses, linen napkins, fine porcelain china and cutlery. Set themed interactive activities and games. An enchanted fairy theme will best suit on the girls between the ages of three to eight.

  1. Unicorn Theme – Add Magic & Flare to the event

The Unicorn princess birthday theme will surely add flare, magic and fantasy to your daughter’s birthday celebration. Decorate the area with streamers and balloons and sprinkle some glitter and flowers on the table. Transform your party area into a magical unicorn forest and include themed interactive games like the golden unicorn horn quest.

  1. Barbie Theme – The Favorite Princess Birthday Party Theme

Another innovative princess birthday idea is the Barbie birthday theme. This is an all time favorite of all little girls. The Barbie theme includes Barbie lollipop, lip gloss, gel pens, Barbie invitations, and Barbie gift bags. Pink or lavender should be the main color schemes for the occasion. Little girls can bring their Barbie dolls and play dress up.

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