Celebrating Birthdays

Whether or not you have a party, every birthday is cause for a celebration, although some years are considered more pivotal than others. When these birthdays come along, the celebrations tend to get bigger and the gifts are more elaborate. Many of these birthdays are a coming of age for the birthday boy or girl. They signify a time where the celebrant is considered able to take on more responsibilities and in turn, receive more privileges.

Typically, these special birthdays start at the beginning. A child’s first birthday is often celebrated in a grand style even though they are too young to remember it. Sometimes it becomes more of a party for adults with the parents inviting numerous of their friends and family.

On the first birthday, many children are treated with their own very special small cake or maybe just a single piece. They usually enjoy making a mess out of it, using their little hands to grab at it and smear the frosting.

Usually the next most important birthday in a child’s life is their 13th, the year in which they officially become a teenager. In many cultures, this birthday indicates the time in a child’s life when they transition from childhood to adulthood. Many children look forward to their 13th birthday. Next on the list of big birthdays is the sweet 16th. During this time teens are legally allowed to drive in most US states, without their parent present.

On their 18th birthday a teenager is allowed to legally vote, join the military and now are considered an adult. Just three years later, teens celebrate the much awaited 21st birthday, which is the legal drinking age in the US.

After that, the next major milestone is 35. At 35, a resident can run for office in most countries, and in the US, that includes President of the United States. Beyond that, the 40th birthday is a big day for most people and then typically every 10 years is considered significant.

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