Planning a Princess Birthday Party on a Budget

Birthday parties in general require a great deal of planning, scheduling and budgeting. The budgeting part can be somewhat tricky to manage sometimes. A birthday only comes once a year and all parents want to make it a memorable day for their little girls. However that can sometimes be difficult given the current state of the economy and every family’s financial situation.

While many families face this problem, it should be noted that careful planning can lead to efficient budgeting. This holds true especially for birthdays. This article will focus on some things that parents of birthday girls can do in order to plan the perfect princess birthday party while keeping their finances in check.

Rent a Castle Bounce House for the Princess Birthday Party

When it comes to certain things, renting is much better than buying. Birthdays are one of such events. Bounce houses take a birthday parties to an entirely new level. They are a great way of keeping the little ones pumped up and entertained. They are available for rent on a daily and weekly basis. Renting a castle bounce house will be a delightful surprise and would also go with the theme of the princess birthday party.

Prepare Your Own Princess Birthday Party Cake

It’s never too late to put your chef hat on. Instead of purchasing, make your own cake. It is very cost effective and you get to be in control of how your cake looks. The ingredients are cheap and the entire process doesn’t take up a lot of time. It is best to assign this task to someone who is good at baking and knows how to make a cake.

Use Paper & Plastic Accessories for the Princess Birthday Party

Another very effective way of keep the costs low is using paper plates and plastic spoons for the birthday event. The great thing about them is that they are extremely cheap and can easily be disposed off. Princess birthday party accessories such as crowns for the girls and joker hats for the boys can also be easily made. They can also be purchased at the local store at a very cheap price. They come in many artistic designs including the princess birthday party theme.

Invite the Closest Family Members & Friends only

Ideally one would want to invite the entire school for your princess’s birthday party but in reality that will take you out of your budget. If you are on a limited budget, go over the invitation list carefully. Invite the closest members of the family and dearest friends first. Do not forget the birthday girl’s closest friends from school and their parents as well. The number of people attending the event significantly impacts your total budget hence careful attention must be given to it.

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