The Most Popular Birthday Songs

Happy Birthday to You” is the one song that we’ll hear whenever it’s someone’s day of birth. It is sung in all languages now but the song was written in English and was sung in English around the world for a long time. Patty and Mildred hill wrote “Happy Birthday to You” in the United States. they created the song on June 27, 1859 during their school teaching days.

They taught school in Louisville, Kentucky at that time. Back then, Louisville was between the 16th and 26th biggest city in the US according to population. They created the song from the “Good Morning to You” song they sung in their classrooms in the morning. This morning song was used in classrooms all around the US and around the world. Today, “Happy Birthday to You” is used as a song and on any number of day of birth celebration cards. It is recorded on CDs with a variety of other birthday songs as well.

Of all the day of birth celebration songs, “Happy Birthday to You” is the one usually sung for people of all ages, economic backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds. Nothing makes a party like the most famous of all birthday songs.

There are other songs referenced on day of birth celebration cards, and they include the Happy Birthday Symphony, Mediterranean Birthday dance, Out of this World Birthday Lounge, Happy Happy, Birthday Bubbles, Tripp Birthday, Boing Boing Boing Birthday Song, Happy Happy Birthday to You, Shiny and New, Born on This Day, and A Special Birthday Song.

Day of birth celebration cards as well as songs make people feel special on their day and are used in many musical day of birth cards. There are a lot of music CDs that include such celebration songs as well. Some popular birthday CDs include Sunny Side Up Birthday Songs/Happy Birthday by various artists, Happy Birthday Party Songs and more.

When you dine out for a special day of birth celebration, you may be sung to by a group of waiters. They often create their own unique version of a happy day of birth celebration song. In some cases, depending on the restaurant, you may even have some musical talent to back up the waiters who are singing to you.

One cool thing to do is to put one of these day of birth celebration songs inside a special teddy bear for a present for your celebrating boy or girl. That will be something that your child can treasure forever and listening to it will remind them of a special day in their lives.

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