10 Ways to Recognize Your Customer’s Birthdays?

This is a follow-up (or expansion) of a post I did a while back.

I got a birthday card last month (December is my birthday month and you didn’t even send me and email. We’ll discuss this another time.) from my dentist, a local Mexican restaurant I really like, Borders and a few other businesses. It got me thinking about what we do (or don’t do) for our customers, especially the young ones.

During camp we recognize camper’s birthdays with a special bead and by singing to them. And…that’s it. We do nothing else any other time of the year for any of the other customers that we have in our programs. Yikes! What a missed opportunity.

I started brainstorming what we could do for them. Here’s what I came up with. (Let me know what you do or what ideas you might have.)

Send a birthday card. (duh!)
Get the youth staff together and call the birthday boy or girl on speaker phone.
Record a video with the staff sending a personalized birthday message. Email the video.
For VIPs send a gift.
Send a card with a coupon for your next event.
Send a birthday shirt.
Wish them Happy Birthday on your website.
Send the birthday boy or girl a card with a small gift. (Dollar Store here I come)
Hold a quarterly birthday party and invite customers that have had a birthday over the past three months. It would be a large special event with family and friends of all the birthday people.
Create a Jib Jab birthday video (starring your staff) that you can send out.
Get a prize wheel and have customers spin the “birthday wheel” for a birthday prize. Customers have to come into your office on their birthday to spin the wheel. When they come in everyone in the office should give the birthday person a standing ovation and gather around the prize wheel to watch.

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