How to Stay Organized When Planning a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are fun and planning a birthday party can be fun, too! The most important thing is to keep it simple. Make a list and take one step at a time.

One month before:

  1. Set the date – Remember that the party does not have to be on the exact birth date. In these days of busy schedules, birthday parties are often moved to weekends or a more convenient date for host or guest.
  2. Create invitation list – How many people will you invite? Set your limit and then make a list of invitees. Start with the absolute must invite and keep adding until you reach your limit.
  3. Select on a theme – A themed Birthday party will keep you focused. Favorite television shows or characters are easy to do.
  4. Choose or create your invitations – An invitation can be as simple as an email or a telephone call. You can also create your own invitations on your computer.
  5. Plan your decorations. Crepe paper streamers and balloons are always in style, easy and inexpensive. Fresh flowers add sophistication and beauty to any event. At this point, just make the list. How do you want to decorate for this birthday party.
  6. Plan food to be served. Will you serve a meal or cake and ice cream? Think about your guests. Serve little children simple no-spill foods. Adults will enjoy a picnic, too.
  7. Plan activities. What are your guests going to do? How will you entertain them? Will you play games or show a movie?

Two Weeks Before the Party:

  1. Review checklists.
  2. Send invitations.

The Day Before the Birthday Party

  1. Decorate – Complete as much of your decorating as you possibly can. Save balloons until the last minute!
  2. Prepare food and bake the cake. If you need to pick up the birthday cake from the bakery, do that today.

Birthday Party Day

  1. Early morning on the day of the party, review your list. Is everything ready?
  2. Enjoy the birthday party! Your job as host/hostess is to insure that your guests enjoy the event. And your guests will have fun if you are having fun. Smile, greet, and keep things flowing according to your plan.

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