Planning a Big Birthday Bash

Milestone birthdays are meant to be huge and celebrating them like you would an ordinary birthday isn’t fair especially if you’re planning the celebration for someone else. Although people may not make a big deal of it, but milestone birthdays matter and just because a friend who’s turning 18 or 21 says they ‘don’t want anything special’ believing them is only going to disappoint them.

When you sit down to plan a birthday party, start planning like you would for any other party, with a budget. Keep the budget in mind and make sure it’s what’s easily affordable.

If you’re throwing a birthday surprise for a friend, get your other friends to contribute. Don’t think the budget has to be huge; it’s not about how much money you have but about how you spend it.

Since it’s a milestone birthday there should be something extremely unique and special to celebrate the occasion like a fresh fruit bouquet or unique birthday gift baskets for your friend to dig in to. Focus on the food and the entertainment. Find a party theme that you know your friend will like, it could be anything like her favorite movie, her favorite sport or her favorite band. You can’t have kids’ games at the party but try and include things that a friend can do now that they’re 18 or 21. You’ll need a cake of course but having something made especially for the party is a great birthday gift idea; a fresh fruit arrangement is always a great choice and you can have it made in any container that fits your theme.

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