A New Twist On Giving The Gift Of Chocolate

Until fairly recently, the only place that one could get a good chocolate spa treatment was at a Spa. But that’s changed in a big way!

There are a number of actual bath and body treatments available from various luxury spas, and now some of those products are available for “the average Jill or Joe” to purchase! There are products that offer the feeling of a luxurious spa treatment right in your own home. Some wonderfully creative skin care products have been formulated just for those who have a craving for chocolate, but not particularly the type that we eat.

There are chocolate body treats for hands and feet, arms and legs, as well as bath and shower and hair treatments too. You can get spa products that remind us of the days when mom baked chocolate cakes and allowed us to lick the bowl…products in just about any kind of chocolate you can dream up are available purchase these days.

Besides the luxurious feeling that one gets when wrapped in a thick layer of chocolate (yum!), scientific research has found that dark chocolate contains something called “flavonoids”, which function as antioxidants and protect skin from damaging free radicals (free radicals are highly charged oxygen molecules which are harmful to the skin and the body in general. The most common causes of free radicals are excess sun, smoking, stress and obesity. The best way to fight free radicals is with natural antioxidants, as well as topical antioxidant creams or lotions). So, in addition to the luxurious “forbidden fruit” feeling that being smothered in chocolate can give you, you’re also doing something that actually helps to protect the skin.

When you think you’ve found a good chocolate based spa product, you should first take a good look at the list of ingredients. Chocolate should be one of the first 3 ingredients on that list, and if that’s the case, it’s quite possible that you’ve found a good quality chocolate based product.

So the next time you’re looking for a great chocol

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