Party Music: Liven Up Your Party With Music!

The type of party music you choose will depend, largely, on the intended audience. Like public speaking or teaching, you must consider your audience, and determine what music you think the guests will enjoy. Of course, music at an eight year old party will be vastly different from a teenager’s party, and a teenager’s party will be vastly different from an adult party, but music appropriate for the party is very important.

The first thing to decide is the type of music you will want for the party, then if the music will be live, played by a Disc jockey, karaoke music used to induce party goers to join in (thus making it a party game) or simply music played on your home stereo. Another consideration would be your party theme. Hard rock would obviously not be the best style for a country western theme party.

Whenever possible, party music should be used, not just as entertainment, but as an interactive game for your guests to insure that they will have plenty to do, a lot of laughs, and you will be surprised how even the most introverted partygoer can come alive behind a karaoke machine. It is important to note that a good karaoke machine can be rented, and normally has enough sound quality to play your own CDs during times when other party activities are being enjoyed. The karaoke party music need not require the special purchase of karaoke CDs, unless you have them already, or they come with the rental. If your guests are blues fans, just drag out all your blues CDs, and let the guests grab that microphone, and sing right along!

If karaoke as party music does not appeal to you, consider hiring a disc jockey or a band, so you will not have to leave your guests to change CDs, or worse yet, have guests attempting to change the music themselves.

Whether musical karaoke entertainment is your choice, hiring a disc jockey, a band, or handling party music yourself, just be sure it matches your theme, and is age appropriate, and everyone is sure to enjoy your party music.

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