Unique Gifts/Unique Gift Ideas: Their Effect on Our Relationship with Others

It stands true to the test of time that we all want to be loved. To be loved is to be needed. Those of us who understand that being loved is important mostly because it facilitates and provides us the opportunities to love others are fortunate. To be loved just to be needed isn’t what it seems to be if we consider how suffocating it feels to be loved when we don’t love in return. However, to be loved is everything we dream it would be if we have the will and opportunity to love back in return. The old adage that it’s better to give than to receive is well known, but why this is so is not widely understood.

As humans, the more we care for someone, the more we want to give to them. Every time we give to someone else, we feel useful, generous and effective. We feel alive in the activity. It is the receiver who is providing us with the opportunity to feel good, so we feel loving in return. When we search for gift ideas to give to someone, they are unique gifts, not only to others, but to ourselves as well because they increase the bond between us and the person to whom we have given, tell us about ourselves and generally increase our feelings of competence. Giving unique gifts force us to reflect on our relationship with the receiver while we ponder what kinds of gifts are appropriate. The effort we put into coming up with the nicest and most unique gift ideas reinforce how much we care about the person, and how that person’s likes and dislikes may be similar to our own. Unique gift ideas provoke thought that needs resolving. Resolving gift giving thought and finding unique gifts helps us feel effective.

The next time we rush ourselves out to find the perfect and unique gift ideas for the occasions, we will for sure truly know that giving is better than receiving, unless of course we receive the joy of giving.

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