Birthday Celebrations of Boss and Colleagues

One fine morning you get into the office and all of a sudden the colleagues and boss, who give blunt look at you everyday are smiling. The receptionist welcomes you with gratitude and you suddenly start feeling that you are entering into Eden Garden of heaven as the king of the sovereign place. The office is well decorated with flowers that you like and everywhere there is a friendly tone, when people talk and the overwhelming gestures through hugging you is taking you to the paradise… I can go on saying long but you should get the hint at the very beginning. Yes, buddy, you are the rock star, you are the king for the day… because its your birthday.

When it comes to the birthdays of the colleagues and bosses at office, one should remember that this is one of the rarest opportunity to impress them. If it is a birthday of the man who works under you and you are seeing that this person lacks enthusiasm to work more and have no urge to follow your instructions, you might have taken a hand with him, you might be very much disgusted with the gestures he possess, but do not leave the chance to wish him a on his birthday. Sometimes when while wishing people forget previous angst and worries. It might help to either rejuvenate the relationships by breaking the ice and at the same time it helps to get back the confidence, optimism and peace of mind.

After all wishing somebody a very happy birthday denotes that the person has some importance in some spheres of life and it also reminds the person that the world is so beautiful that he has got such good friends and colleagues that they do not forget your birthday. Your boss may be harsh at you while making mistakes or not been able to achieve targets that you are alloted, but if they are celebrating your birthday during the lunch break or at the last hours of your work schedule, it should mean a lot. There is no doubt that now a days you lose a minute means you lose a business deal, your competitors have crossed you. So in the corporate world or any kind of business or other institutions work hours are utilized as fullest as it can be. If your bosses and colleagues are taking out their busy times for celebrating your birthdays so it means you are really special for them and worth a lot in your work sphere. If your boss is giving you a party or a free treat in order to celebrate your birthday then he or she is immensely happy with your job. Possibilities of promotions and increments may soon knock at your door.

Getting gifts and lots of wishes, being overloaded with kisses and warm hugs, pampered very much and receiving wishes from your competitors are real joys in life. Celebrating your birthdays with your bosses, colleagues do not always mean that this is the last happiest day of your life and from tomorrow onwards you will be having a great thrush from them. But celebrating your birthday along with them is a great fun. People who possess a grave misconception in their minds thinking that their bosses and colleagues are utterly frustrated and jealous over them and do not have anything else to do in their lives, this will be a good time to review their feelings and correct the misconceptions.

Birthday celebrations in office requires some arrangements. They need buffet lunches, colorful ribbons and papers, posters with smilies and glitters to decorate the boring walls and other furnitures. The surroundings might be colored with the favorite colors of the birthday boy or girl. There should be favorite flowers above the desk of the birthday boy or girl. And most importantly, there should be a very delicious huge cake over which the name of the birthday boy or girl has to be written and that has to be there along with candles and a knife of course tagged with a ribbon. The gift should be bought as according to the personal choice of the birthday boy or girl. There will be a party in one of the busiest day and the venue will be your office and trust me this birthday party will be a great fun and an unforgettable one.

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