Get the Birthday Cake Decorations Right and the Party Will be a Success!

Birthdays are pretty common occasions, especially since everyone alive today has one every year. But somehow people can’t seem to get enough of birthday celebrations. Sure it’s understandable why the person whose birthday it is will be all smiles and glowing with delight. After all, it was the day they were born!

But every birthday celebration and every birthday party, year after year, continues to be much anticipated events for friends and family alike because it’s a time when all our loved ones can gather in one place and have a great time in each other’s company. And with the prospect of having all the people you love, in one place and at the same, will make anybody try as best as possible to ensure that it is a celebration to remember. So it’s no wonder why parents hire party planners or friends work extra hard to keep the party in your honor a surprise.

Now while devising a party theme and matching streamers and balloons with the plates and spoons all set the stage for the making of a fine birthday party, there is one thing that will either make or break the party if it’s not done properly. It is the climax of the party, the grand finale, the icing on the cake…literally!

The birthday cake is by far the most anticipated part of any birthday party. It can tie together the entire theme of party or it can be the big hoax or joke that was planned for the birthday boy/girl. Either way, if you get the cake decorations wrong, everything else can crumble, (no pun intended) not just for the guests who would have otherwise enjoyed the unexpected, but also for the birthday person.

The birthday cake can be likened to guilty pleasures or pet peeves, or just one of those extraordinarily personal things that very few people knew about you. And what better time than someone’s birthday to show him/her how much they impacted your life, how much they mean to you and how much you know about them by customizing the cake decorations so that the cake is a car, or in the shape of a favorite actor/actress or even a cake where a real person comes out of it! And this is the last thing any party planner wants to go wrong.

Cake decorations are much more than pretty flowers, symmetrically drizzled chocolate, sparkling lights and edible (sometimes not) toys. It’s a fine art like any other, and it represents the person who the cake was specially made for. The beauty of cake decorations is that they can match the personality of the birthday boy/girl. Surely you wouldn’t want to unveil a cake in the shape of a heart with pink flowers adorning the perimeter when the birthday person is a fifty year old guy who recently retired from the Army after serving for thirty years! Unless of course he has a great sense of humor! And therein lies the importance of getting the birthday cake decorations right; get the cake décor right and the party will be a great success.

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