5 Great Boy’s Birthday Party Ideas

Apart from Christmas, birthdays are every child’s most eagerly anticipated event of the year. They serve as an excellent means to get together, share gifts and have fun. Over the years, birthday themes have become increasingly popular. There are a lot of themes available for consideration when a birthday comes around. This article will list a few popular themes for the birthday boys.

  1. Farm Theme – A Popular Boy’s Birthday Party Idea:

Implementing a farm theme is great idea for a boy’s birthday event. The farm party includes farm themed invitations, farm party decorations, cake recipes and numerous games. In addition to basic party supplies, it is a good idea to consider the following items for the party as well:

• Corn stalks
• Bales of hay for decoration and extra seating
• Costume items such as straw cowboy hats and bandannas for each guest
• Disposable Cameras

  1. Frog Theme – A Hopping Birthday Party Experience:

The frog theme involves a bunch of hopping children croaking with joy. This theme will help parents throw a top notch birthday party without having to jump through any hoops. It is a good idea to have a variety of frog party items such as plush toy frogs, frog stickers and frog poppers for goody bags.

  1. Dinosaur Theme – A Boy’s Birthday Party Favorite:

Throwing a prehistoric dinosaur birthday bash for the birthday boy will be an experience he will never forget. Dinosaurs are a favorite with children of all ages. They enjoy a hearty roar, a teeth-clashing chomp, and the magic and mystery of these prehistoric creatures. Small toy dinosaurs, plastic bugs, digging tools, dinosaur stickers and rock candy can be used as goody bags for the event. In addition, fossil bags can be made using brown lunch bags, brown paint, and foam stamps that will add more enjoyment to the party.

  1. Puppy Dog Theme – An Adorable and Fun Birthday Party Idea:

Puppies are adorable and every child loves them. The puppy dog theme involves dog party games, activities, and recipes that make for a great birthday celebration. It is best to use white, brown and black colors for a generic puppy theme. Goodie bags comprise of stuffed puppy toys, dog treats and candies.

  1. Penguin Theme – A Chilled Boy’s Birthday Party Idea:

You don’t have to go to the Atlantic for this theme. The penguin theme is a black tie event that will have all the waddling and toddling little ones clamoring for more. Children aged three through nine are the most suitable group for this birthday theme. Since it is a black tie event, everyone will be dressed up in a tuxedo. Black, white and cool shades of blue will make up the main color scheme for this party. Basic party supplies such as cups, plates and napkins, with a penguin pattern will bring this theme to life.

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