Unforgettable 30th Birthday Gifts

Unless you’re a child, let’s face it, birthdays are never particularly welcome occasions. As they approach we feel a sense of dread at having to declare ourselves another year older, and once the day has passed, we have no choice but to get used to the fact that our youth is well on the way out.

The 30th birthday is no exception, in fact it’s often considered the first in a line of scary milestones in life you’d rather not have to face. In truth it’s really not so bad, if you can picture yourself at 40, looking back on it! In fact, 30 is actually an age to be rather proud of. You’re still within the happy confines of youth, but hopefully, finally making your way in the world and having lots of fun along the way. It just goes to show, birthdays are just a state of mind. The important thing is that we celebrate these occasions in a big way, so that they’re not the big milestones we’d rather forget, but days we’d very much like to remember.

There are lots of ways to make a 30th birthday unforgettable. It’s a unique occasion, so encourage your 30 year old friend to celebrate in style. Whether they choose to have a huge party, a wild weekend away, or just a quiet meal with family and friends, you can make it special for them with 30th birthday gifts they’ll love to receive.

30th birthday keepsakes to treasure

It’s when those special birthdays come around that we need a gift that stands out from the rest. If your friend has a small child in their life, whether it be their own son or daughter, a Godchild or a niece or nephew that they adore, you can now have the child’s fingerprint pressed into silver and made into precious jewellery. The fingerprint heart or flower pendant or cufflinks for a man, make beautiful 30th birthday gifts to keep for ever. Perhaps your 30 year old is planning an exciting future when they plan to venture forth and travel the world? A few exotic holidays are sure to be on the cards for anyone wanting to make the most of life, so why not give them something for the journey. The beautiful ‘Travel notes’ book is the perfect travel companion. It’s just perfect for keeping mementos in the form of notes, photos and details of all the best hotels they’ve found along the way.

Memorable Days

Experience days make great 30th birthday gifts for anyone who is willing to try something new and exciting, and nowadays there’s so much choice that deciding on the best experience is all the more exciting. Who could resist 30th birthday gifts that inspire and challenge, as well as introducing new hobbies for the future? Hobbies such as karting, horse riding and photography can all be bought and given as 30th birthday gifts. Tomorrow is only going to be another ordinary day, so why not make today an extraordinary occasion, especially as it’s someone’s birthday.

And who could think of a more memorable way to spend the day than by experiencing the thrill of driving a Lamborghini, or racing a Harley Davidson down the open road. Of course, the experience day you choose could also be simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience to commemorate their milestone. If they love the glamorous lifestyle, look no further than the London Hotel and Theatre break for two, for an occasion that really will be unforgettable.

Games they can play again and again

Do you remember when we didn’t have to go out and spend a fortune to feel a sense of satisfaction? When we used to make our own entertainment and use our time to nurture the things that matter? They say that staying in is the new going out, so what could be better as 30th birthday gifts than games and trivia that provide fun for many occasions to come. If your birthday friend likes to entertain, they’ll love the ‘Dinner on the MS Titanic dinner party’ game, an inspiring idea for a Titanic themed meal at the Captain’s table with lots of Titanic trivia and even music from the era thrown in.

Alternatively, everyone loves a good murder mystery, and the ‘Death by Chocolate’ and the ‘Champagne Murders’ Murder mystery games have all the ingredients for a lively evening of intrigue. If they like their beer and wine, the ‘SudoDrinku’ game is sure to go down well, but the ‘Ultimate Movie quiz’ is also something that’s sure to get everyone talking. With 30th birthday gifts like these, your only problem will be choosing which game will be best for playing at the birthday party!

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